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"Some sign that a human hand was involved in the making of a thing can often give it a degree of enchantment."

-- Thomas Moore
Gail and her Girls

Wearhorses is a personal endeavor showcasing my custom made and designed braided horsehair keepsakes and jewelry.

I have had a lifelong association with horses. From rackin' to racin', they have been the driving force in my life. It is only natural for the horses to provide the main inspiration for my jewelry creations. My horsehair pieces are one-of-a-kind, since they are made from your horse's hair, and their uniqueness lies in the individual DNA of your horse. Some of the fittings used to compliment the horsehair braids are cast. Most are fabricated from sheet or bar stock and tubing. These beautiful keepsakes are the perfect way to remember that special horse in your life.

Please enjoy viewing my work. If you would like to commission something special, please contact me and I will be happy to work with you and your ideas. There is a link to my order form on every page, and I accept PayPal or payments by mail with the order.

To keep up with my latest creations and ideas, please visit and follow my Wearhorses Blog.


How to harvest your horse's hair: Click HERE for an illustration of how to harvest the hair from your horse's tail.

Please note that the work presented here is copyrighted by the artist. Please respect my copyright and contact me if you wish to copy the images for any reason.

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